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Simplibuy operates in and sells to customers in Canada only

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About Simplibuy

Your ultimate destination for purchasing medical supplies, diagnostic equipment, and accessories online. Our mission is to simplify your medical procurement process by offering a wide range of products at competitive prices, backed by exceptional customer service

Our Aim

Founded in 2015, Simplibuy was born out of an understanding of the unique needs of medical practitioners, clinicians, and diagnostic specialists. Over time, our services have expanded to include fertility clinics, dental clinics, medispas, and anyone seeking affordable medical and healthcare products. Over the past 10 years, we've nurtured a wealth of industry wisdom, forming the bedrock of our business today.

Our Headquaters

While headquartered in Toronto, our reach extends across Canada, serving clients in the GTA, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Atlantic provinces.

Whether you manage a large clinic group or a single clinic, your satisfaction is our priority, driving our growth through word-of-mouth referrals. As proud Canadians, we maintain high-quality, consistent standards for our customers in compliance with our authorization by Health Canada.

Words From Our CEO

Dr. Rashmi Tehri's Journey Early Career and Motivations

Dr. Rashmi Tehri graduated from Lady Hardinge Medical College with a specialization in Paediatrics. Like many women in India, she faced significant societal barriers that often discourage women from pursuing independent professional paths. Undeterred, Dr. Rashmi was a norm breaker and expanded her expertise by first training in Neurodiagnostics and later adding more feathers to her cap by completing courses in Ultrasound, Echocardiology, and Doppler imaging. This determination & skill led her to establish a multi-specialty center, which she successfully ran for nineteen years, setting a precedent for future female medical professionals.

Transition to Simplibuy

In 2019, during her visit to Canada to explore further opportunities, Dr. Rashmi discovered Simplibuy, igniting the innovative fire within her. Finally, in 2020, she took over the reins of Simplibuy from a group of radiologists and has since transformed it into a leading healthcare e-commerce platform. Despite the challenges, Dr. Rashmi's leadership ensured that Simplibuy was in excellent hands, guiding the company to greater heights and continued success. Her leadership and ability to handle adversity were pivotal in maintaining Simplibuy's operations and growth. Dr. Rashmi’s strategic vision and steadfast commitment have been instrumental in solidifying Simplibuy’s position as a successful female entrepreneur in the healthcare industry.

Her Philosophy

Dr. Rashmi firmly believes that "Life is a balance of holding on and letting go," a principle that has guided her through various phases of her career. With her extensive background as a healthcare provider and a clinic owner, Dr. Rashmi possesses deep empathy and understanding of medical professionals' needs, fueling her commitment to ensuring Simplibuy provides top-quality supplies to help clinics elevate their practice.

Her philosophy extends beyond business. Dr. Rashmi envisions a healthcare system where affordability and quality go hand in hand, and her leadership at Simplibuy reflects this commitment. She continues to work diligently to make high-quality medical supplies accessible, embodying the balance of holding on to her core values and letting go of conventional barriers to innovation and growth. Dr. Rashmi Tehri's journey from overcoming societal challenges in India to leading Simplibuy in Canada showcases her dedication, expertise, and visionary leadership. Her steadfast commitment to accessible and top-quality healthcare drives Simplibuy's mission and success.

Dr. Rashmi Tehri

(CEO , Simplibuy)

"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go"