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Weight Bearing 2-Step for Positioning, Lateral View

FROM $5,979.75
 RC Imaging
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Revised  24 Nov 2023

This weight-bearing 2-step platform is designed to accommodate digital DR panels, CR and Analog.cassettes.

  • Easy mobility and stability
  • Easy weight-bearing imaging on the foot, ankle and knee
  • Constructed of high density ABS and stainless steel
  • Weight capacity 750 lbs
  • Multiple detector slots for lateral view positioning
  • Comfortable textured anti-slip platform and non-skid feet
  • Rear mounted offset casters for easy relocation
  • Simple cleaning and sterilization
  • Please email us with the type of detector you use if you wish to place an order. This cannot be ordered online.

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POS-A2-STEP 2-step, Lateral Views Only $5,979.75 EACH

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