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Dopplex Ankle and Toe Pressure Kit DMXRATP

Dopplex Ankle and Toe Pressure Kit DMXRATP

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 Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd 113593
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Revised  06 Jan 2023

The ankle and toe pressure ATP kit contains the DMX Doppler, probes and accessories providing the vascular, diabetic or lymphatic specialist with a system to assess arterial disease and neuropathy. The arterial plethysmography (APPG) probe attaches to the DMX Doppler unit by simply swapping your Doppler probe with its adaptor. Toe systolic pressure can be rapidly measured in patients with incompressible ankle arteries and can be repeated on the arms to determine the TBI. The internal pressure sensor in the adaptor provides a direct pressure reading on the Doppler display. PPG waveforms and pressures can be stored on the internal memory and reviewed at any time.

  • DMX Doppler with EZ8XS 8 MHz probe
  • APPG probe and adaptor, Toe cuffs and inflator, Arm/ankle cuffs (standard and large)
  • Trigger-operated sphyg, Neuropen, Box of tips (includes 10g monofilament)
  • Recharging kit; Educational CD


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