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Vein Finder Venoscope II VT03

Vein Finder Venoscope II VT03

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Revised  29 Apr 2021

The Venoscope® II transilluminator, The Vein Finder™, allows a clinician to easily locate hard to find veins, making it faster and more efficient for health care providers and clinicians to deliver a higher level of quality care. Fewer sticks means less time that a clinician needs to spend with each patient, reduces the waste of materials such as needles, syringes, PICC and midline trays, and makes the procedure safer and more comfortable for the patient.

Although in most cases a clinician can easily identify and access the veins of their patient's, there are those patients with hard to find veins, such as the obese, elderly and patients with dark skin.

  • Slide the light over the patient’s arm looking for a dark line (a vein) to appear between and parallel to both arms.
  • Depress both arms on either side of the dark line. If the dark line disappears and reappears when pressure is released, you have located a patent vein.

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