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Immobilizer Pediatric Pedia-Poser X-Ray Positoning Chair

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Revised  24 Nov 2023

The Pedia-Poser provides fast, gentle, and secure immobilization of infants through 4-year-olds for X-ray imaging. The patient is secured only once, as the chair easily rotates to get all the necessary views. The familiar high chair-like design is child and parent-friendly, while being fast and simple to use, store, and move.

  • Patient immobilization is done gently but securely
  • Keeps patient as close to the detector as possible to ensure high quality images
  • Detector holder included, or may be used with upright bucky
  • Adjustable back and head-tilt support fits patients of all sizes
  • Critical chair components are X-ray lucent for excellent X-ray contrast
  • Made of germ-resistant, easy-to-clean nonporous polyethylene
  • High-quality lockable casters provide mobility and stability
  • Simple, reliable, and virtually indestructible


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POS-24301 Seat Width: Infant 8.4": Toddler 9.5" $0.00 EACH

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