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Nasal Airway Robertazzi, Green Flexibe

Nasal Airway Robertazzi, Green Flexibe

FROM $56.25
 Dynarex Corporation 125729
Catalogue Number:
Revised  23 Mar 2023

  • Designed to be inserted into the nasal passage
  • Flared end to prevents losing the airway inside the patients nose
  • Robertazzi Style
  • Soft - no damage to the nasal passage
  • Flexible - resists collapse or kinking
  • Ideal for creating a secure open airway for semi-conscious and unconscious patients
  • 10 per box
  • All sizes not stock items; ETA 2-3 weeks

Order Information

Item # Size/Option Wish List Price UOM Qty Cart
AWM-36275 20Fr $67.50 BOX/10
AWM-36276 22Fr $67.50 BOX/10
AWM-36277 24Fr $67.50 BOX/10
AWM-36278 26Fr $67.50 BOX/10
AWM-36279 28Fr $56.25 BOX/10
AWM-36280 30Fr $67.50 BOX/10
AWM-36281 32Fr $67.50 BOX/10

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