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Test Strip Revital-Ox Resert

Test Strip Revital-Ox Resert

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 Steris Corporation 109827
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Revised  24 Nov 2023

A chemical indicator designed exclusively to determine whether hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient in RESERT High Level Disinfectant Solutions, is above the minimum recommended concentration (MRC) of 1.5%. RESERT High-Level Disinfectant solutions should be tested before each usage in order to guard against dilution, which may lower the hydrogen peroxide concentration of the solution below its MRC of 1.5% hydrogen peroxide.

Initially after a test strip is immersed in the RESERT Solution for two seconds and removed, the solution will turn the original blue color of the test strip to a uniform yellow. At the same time, hydrogen peroxide reacts with potassium iodide/starch in the test strip to develop to a uniform black color over a 90 second (1½ minute) period (passing). When the solution is below its MRC, the test strip will show non-uniform areas of black and yellow colors (failing).


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DIS-PCC054 2 x 60 strips $176.29 BOX/2 BOTTLES
DIS-PCC054EA 60 strips $89.25 EACH

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