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Infusion Set Winged Surshield Safety

Infusion Set Winged Surshield Safety

FROM $59.40
 Terumo (Philippines) Corp 124536
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Revised  09 Feb 2023

Terumo's soft, flexible interlocking wings readily conform to the body's contour. The wing is angled for ease of positioning of the needle during venipuncture, for less risk of vessel damage or occlusion of the lumen. The precisely honed needle with Ultra-Thin wall design assures ease of penetration and continued access with a single insertion. DEHP Free Labeling. 

Order Information

Item # Size/Option Wish List Price UOM Qty Cart
MDS-SVS19BL 19GX.75" 12" Tbg $68.60 BOX/50
MDS-SVS19BLS 19GX.75" 3.5" Tbg $60.64 BOX/50
MDS-SVS21BL 21GX.75" 12" Tbg $68.60 BOX/50
MDS-SVS21BLS 21GX.75" 3.5" Tbg $60.64 BOX/50
MDS-SVS23BL 23GX.75" 12" Tbg $68.60 BOX/50
MDS-SVS23BLS 23GX.75" 3.5" TUBING $60.64 BOX/50
MDS-SVS25BLS 25GX.75" 3.5" TUBING $59.40 BOX/50

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